About Us

Based in Paris, France, we are a team of people dedicated to one thing: making sure that our quality of service is maintained from your entry to Horare to the reception of your orders. 


From customers to co-workers and watches, respect is our main concern. That a watch lived on one wrist after another or that it was stored in a safe, it always triggered an emotion. This is the essence of these new « objet de vertu », and one needs to take care of it. We are always listening to you with privacy and we make sure to offer you the service you are looking for.


From passion to expertise. From our experience as antique dealer, specialised in horology collections, we are capable of selecting the best watches and ensuring their quality. We have always stood for respecting our objects’ history and we do not accept any deviation as to the origin or authenticity of the timepieces we supply you with.


Collectors before salespersons, we are aware of the key problems associated with collection. From our experience on the vintage watch market, we know that beyond passion, collectable watches have become an investment, ensuring solid and profitable savings. Whether it is about our advices or our selection, we aim at being ahead of trends to help you build a passionate, complete and financially well-thought collection.


Timekeeping produces echoes on the wrist of those who wish to behold it. Creating an artifact as a sign of this movement is the talent of the watchmaker. Looking more than a minute for a moment is also enjoying, admiring time and taking a second for oneself. We are particularly passionate about this movement, flying over objects like a moving pendulum. It starts a hand like it ages it, becoming the visible and invisible story of our lives.

Passion is born from this emotion transcending metal to become a memory. This engineering timepiece is a sustainable masterpiece, enabling its timelessness like a trademark. New « objet de vertu », the watch survives its owner as well as its primary function which makes it a piece of art at this very moment where time is pressing. A watch is an artwork; this is how we see it.